Our history starts all the way back in 1982

At Visual Marketing Concepts we believe that Art for Art’s sake resides with the artistes, but Art in the Corporate World translates into money.

Visual Marketing Concepts are creative out the box thinkers and have a commitment to excellence, with a passion for attention to detail.

They have shown themselves capable of taking on all challenges of any proportion with successful results and happy clients.

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We believe in solutions and positive outcomes.

Supporting growth in business and being aware that there has been continuous advancement in project management, we step up to the plate with innovative ideas to best meet the needs of an ever-changing market.

Today VMC uses the most modern methods in event management.

At the heart of our system in the lean approach, which is about creating maximum value for customers while incurring the lowest cost to achieve targeted results.

We do this by carefully allocating resources, minimizing waste, using our strong buying power and applying high-impact visual concepts.

Visual Marketing Concepts is a business that builds long-term relationships and creates memorable events.

We look forward to making your dreams come true by injecting our creative input into your visualization and making it a reality.

For any further requirements, queries or concepts regarding your event please either give us a call, contact us via our enquiry form or email – sharon@visualmc.co.za

We will happily discuss the way forward with you.

Landline +27 (021) 433 2563 or mobile +27 (0)83 297 3637

sharon kruyer

Headed up by the
dynamic Sharon Kruyer

Visual Marketing Concepts have been a prominent player in the industry in the field of events and entertainment spanning over 40 years.

Do not ask Sharon Kruyer what she has done with her life in the creative field, rather take a quicker route and let her tell you what she has not done, that narrows the field a lot.

Entrepreneur extraordinaire, versatile and perfectionist, with a passion for attention to detail she has shown herself capable of taking on all challenges of any proportion, offering expertise in domains of corporate events, entertainment agent, show producer, creator, mentor, manager, coordinator, staging director, marketing, advertising executive, fashion fundi to managing the top contemporary dance troupe of their time Internationally and has standing with various international projects.

A woman with multiple facets who forged herself a reputation to the measures of her ambitions, she has packed more into her time than most people do in a lifetime.

Included in her resume that stretches around the block are names of some of the top corporate companies.

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You are knocking at the right door if you are looking for integrity, reliability and commitment to excellence. At Visual Marketing Concepts, we believe in going the extra mile to guarantee a successful event that will remain front of mind for years to come.

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Give free rein to your imagination!

“An unsolved problem is an ill-posed problem”
– Albert Einstein

professionalism and experience

Professionalism & Experience

With over 40 years of experience and our large network of trusted suppliers in the sector, we want to put all the professional resources we have. Our unique difference is you take a broader space within our company and we offer more attention to detail.

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